Monday, May 16, 2011

Pineapple is the fruit of much benefit to health. At least there are 9 reasons why pineapple ought to be consumed.

Pineapple fruit consumed by the public good as the original fruit, juice or can be mixed into fruit salads, pickles and salad. Pineapple is one tropical fruit that can give effect to those who eat them fresh.

Here are some benefits of pineapple fruit makes a healthy body:

1. Rich in vitamins and mineralsReal benefits of pineapple is contain many vitamins and minerals, like calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C. In addition, low-fat and cholesterol.
2. Strengthen bonesOne of the benefits of pineapple is to help build healthy bones. Pineapple is rich in manganese, a mineral that is needed for the body to build bone and connective tissue. Just one cup of pineapple provides 73 percent of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of pineapple can affect bone growth in young people and strengthening of bones in the elderly.
3. Good for teethGums hold your teeth in place and the teeth will be in poor condition if you have unhealthy gums. By eating pineapple, you strengthen the gums for many years later.
4. Preventing macular degenerationPineapple contains more beta carotene is good for the eyes and vision. Studies show that eating three or more servings of pineapple a day can lower the chance to get macular degeneration associated with age, a major cause of vision loss in older people.
5. Helping ArthritisBromelain in pineapple is also regarded as an effective anti-inflammatory. Regular consumption of at least one-half cup daily fresh pineapple can relieve joint pain is recognized in osteoarthritis. In Germany, bromelain is approved as a drug because it is considered post-injury to reduce inflammation and swelling.
6. Relieves coughs and coldsThe benefits of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same as the benefits of orange juice, but no additional benefit of pineapple. Bromelain found in pineapples, has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus.
7. DigestionBromelain found in pineapple helps in digestion. Eat one slice of pineapple after meals will reduce gas, bloating, nausea, constipation and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Fresh pineapple juice also helps in removing intestinal worms.
8. Relieve Sinusitis and bronchitisBromelain has proven beneficial for upper respiratory tract infections such as sinusitis and bronchitis. Bromelain helps reduce inflammation of the nose and break up mucus in the nose, sinuses and respiratory areas.
9. Reducing the risk of blood clots and heart diseasePineapple can help reduce the risk of blood clots, thereby also preventing the occurrence of heart problems.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Guava Is Lycopene Sources 
CASHEW red bean plant is a much branched shrub. Plants that can grow in areas of low and high. Guava tree to 12 m tall with a large fruit diameter ranged from 2.5 cm to more than 10 cm. Generally favored guava flesh is soft, thick, and colored red with a sweet taste and fresh, a little seedy, and large.
Red guava contains many nutrients that can be used as medicine. Parimin (2007) states, 100 grams of fresh ripe guava contains 0.9 grams of protein, 0.3 grams fat, 12.2 grams carbohydrates, 14 mg calcium, 28 mg phosphorus, 1.1 mg of iron, and 86 grams of water with total calories 49 calories. Vitamin C content of red guava double from sweet orange that just 49 mg per 100 grams of fruit. Optimum vitamin C content when the fruit will be ripe.
Besides vitamin C, red guava contain lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid compounds (important in plant pigment that gives red color) that have antioxidant activity to ward off free radicals, thereby protecting the body against some types of diseases, including cancer. Lycopene content of red guava abundant, ie, 5200 mg per 100 grams of fruit - ranked second, after tomatoes. Lycopene is also one of phytochemical compounds or phytonutrients that are beneficial to health, such as other carotenoid compounds, namely xanthine and lutein.
Usefulness Lycopene
The main purpose of lycopene inhibits physical function and mental deterioration, among others, make people not easily confused. Lycopene also prevent cancer of the pancreas, cervix, and gastrointestinal tract. Epistemological Research lycopene by Italian researchers included 2706 cases of oral cavity cancer, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, if the increased consumption of lycopene, especially on the guava red fleshy fruit, providing a protective effect on the body.
Lycopene in red guava potent cancer prevention, particularly prostate cancer. Studies from Harvard University found evidence in a study of 48,000 men, respondents most widely add lycopene intake in the diet decreases the risk of prostate cancer 45%. Yale University study involving 473 men show evidence of prostate cancer-free men who had more than the blood levels of lycopene in cancer patients.
Real men do not need strong medicine to boost sexual desire. By increasing the consumption of regular red guava, healthy and happy life is not a dream for them. Lycopene is believed to increase the number and improve the structure of the sperm and increase vitality. So automatic lycopene enhance male fertility.
A study in India of 30 infertile couples who can not prove, sperm men who ate lycopene 20 mg three months continuously increased 67%. Improvement of sperm structure they had increased by 63% and sperm velocity increased 73%.
Giving red guava juice as a way to increase platelet arguably have become tradition in the community when stricken with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). Because, during the treatment of DHF patients continues to be supportive, that is to overcome the plasma fluid loss due to increased permeability of capillary blood vessels. Doctor Ety from RS Mitra Keluarga states, red guava juice only improve your physical condition in order to keep fit, so avoid the attack of DHF. There was no correlation between red guava juice and DHF.
Now, the red guava processed products are numerous and easily available in the market with different brands. Refined products in the form of juice in a glass cup, plastic bottle, and bottle paper facilitate the public to consume. There are made jelly in a plastic cup and cooled in a refrigerator. Once thickened, red guava jelly can be drunk directly.
Red guava can also be made of flour for making instant beverages, food supplements in infants, and other products. All products are processed it is a useful source of lycopene for the health of our bodies.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Raised body with soy milk

GENERALLY some people crave the high and slender body. The ways with expensive cost was willing to be taken to make it happen. Though there are other steps that are easier, practical and more affordable cost.

Consumption of soy one of them. Types of nuts on this one too cheaply than rich benefits. Soy has a lot of vegetable protein containing 22 amino acids for the prevention of various diseases. Because less fat, soy is very good and encouraged to diet.

Plain soy milk and was processed into tasty when consumed. That's where one of the peculiar. In addition to healthy, functioning soy milk add height and decreased fat in the body.

Soybeans are low in fat, high protein, good for building body muscle. Soybean strengthen bones because it contains vitamin D and calcium. In addition, the soybean is processed into milk contains isoflavones similar to the hormone estrogen.

Isoflavones in soy geinistein form and function as anti-breast cancer and prevent diabetes and strengthen bone matrix.

Protein in soy can stimulate the pituitary to secrete kelnjar HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Many consider that a person's height growth stops at age 17-18. Not stopped, but the pituitary gland to reduce secretion of HGH up to 50%. So if there is a business, the body can still grow tall even if not as the age below 17 years.

Not enough just to eat processed soybeans, in order to obtain maximum results, should be supported also with regular exercise.

Soy milk is actually not inferior to cow's milk. Although calcium soy milk is not as much as cow's milk, the protein was almost the same quality. Eating soy is processed into milk as much as two cups a day, was sufficient for body proteins. Comparison of protein and fat in soybeans is 2.8 g: 1.5 g.

Please note, only soy milk can last longer if stored in a refrigerator. Soybeans contain a small amount compared to other foods similar methione. Methione is a kind of amino acids that can cause loss of calcium in the body.

However, soy milk consumed their recommended diet. Soy is very low in fat, unlike high-fat cow's milk.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Petai (Bitter Bean) Benefits To Health

IF hear the word Petai (Bitter Bean), surely that is on your mind is a vegetable which when eaten will make breath smells.
In fact, not infrequently, you will get rid of it if found in food.

Petai or in some place called mlanding is a plant originating from tropical countries, like Indonesia. Vegetables with a fruit that caused this peculiar smell, including the tribe of legumes. Plants that have a common Latin name parkia speciosa presented as a mixture of cooking or served as vegetables.

But the usual vegetable complement some traditional dishes and original Indonesian sambal that has many benefits that you've probably never thought before.

Important nutrient source

Research shows that fruit petai contain sucrose, fructose, and glucose. All three of these substances are natural sugars that can generate instant energy for those who consume them. In fact, the protein content in the petai four times more than apples. In addition, the content of carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin A, iron and vitamins and other minerals in the petai is also still more than apples.

Overcome Anemia

Anemia is usually characterized by symptoms such as body weakness, fatigue and less vibrant. Anemia also causes the sufferer has difficulty concentrating, and pain in bone joints. This, occurs because the body lacks iron. High iron content of the banana is very useful to reduce anemia or less blood.

Reduce depression and stress

When you experience stress or bad mood, it was a sign you lack tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which, if consumed, it will be converted into serotonin, which can affect the nervous system is working and functioning improve mood.

Stress is also risky accelerate metabolism and reduce potassium in the body. Potassium is useful to stabilize the heart rate and expedite the flow of oxygen to the brain. For that, when stressed, you need more potassium to the body. petai has a relatively high potassium content.

Healthy eyes and improve concentration

Petai contain vitamin A which is quite high, ie 200 IU per 100 mg. As is known, vitamin A is useful for maintaining healthy corneas. Potassium in the banana also can improve concentration and ability of the brain so good to help those who have difficulty in learning.

Reducing high blood pressure and preventing stroke

High potassium content, but low in salt in petai can stabilize the heartbeat. Awake blood pressure will reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke symptoms. Even The New England Journal of Medicine released the results of research that says that eating a banana on a regular basis can reduce the risk of death from stroke by 40 percent.

Facilitate digestion

Fibers also are found mainly in petai. Fiber or fiber useful facilitate digestion. For those of you who often suffer from digestive disorders such as constipation or constipation, eating petai will help reduce your suffering. Petai also has the effect of antacid on the body. If you feel sick and begah from eating too much, petai can reduce the pain.


Tempe useful to overcome ulcer disease

Maag experienced by many people if not handled properly can become chronic. But it was no easy way to overcome that is by eating tempeh.

"Tempe can overcome ulcer disease, correct it," said Dr. Samuel Oentoro, MS, SpGK, as the clinical nutritionist FKUI detikHealth-RSCM when contacted on Monday (4/25/2011).

Dr. Samuel tells us this because good tempeh protein and anti-inflammatory compounds (anti-inflammatory). The protein contained in tempe ready to be absorbed the body because he was first digested by molds (fungi) in Tempe.

"Usually, intact proteins must first be digested particles are smaller so easily absorbed, but in Tempe proteins have been digested by the fungus," he said.

Mold (fungus) produced by yeast can alter tempeh soy protein complex due to chemical changes in the protein, carbohydrate and fat. Soybean and hard skin becomes more flaccid making it easier for the stomach to digest.

In addition, tempeh is also known to repair the damaged digestive tract as well as overcome the problems suffered by most of gastric ulcer patients. This is because soybean can provide comfort in the stomach.

"Tempe is a functional food or food consumed daily, therefore there is no limit intake or dose," said the doctor who also practiced at Semanggi Specialist Clinic.

One cause of stomach ulcers are due to unhealthy lifestyles, such as leaving the breakfast, not eating regularly or frequently late and due to job stress factors and the streets are jammed.

Other factors that could cause ulcer disease is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is a long time can damage cells in the gastric mucous tissues.

"The function of Tempe to catch the Helicobacter pylori in theory could be, but the research does not exist. But the research on tempeh has been a lot done," he added.

How to eat them?

There are some people who believe, the efficacy of tempeh will appear if eaten raw. Is fine to eat raw tempeh but if you want more sterile better if steamed, boiled or fried with little oil.

The main raw material of soy tempeh is where the high protein in it that provide benefits to the body.

According to the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration, every day your body needs to consume 25 grams of soy protein which is equivalent to 125 grams tempeh.

Soybean Benefits For Women

Prof. Dr. Ir Made Astawan, MS, professor in the Department of Science & Food Technology IPB, explain Japanese women experiencing menopause over age of 57. Habit of consuming soy on a regular basis by Japanese women also influenced the age of menopause is slowing.

"Soy consumption is also important during puberty girls, to reduce the risk of breast cancer," explained Prof Made on the sidelines of the launch of the program Soyjoy Healthylicious 2 at the Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/12/2011) then.

Prof Made explained, the rate of deaths from breast cancer in Japan is smaller than in the United States. Risk of breast cancer in the United States four times larger than China and Japan. For comparison, the rate of deaths from breast cancer in America 21 people per 100,000 population, in England 27 of 100,000 people, and in Japan 7 out of 100,000 population. The death rate from breast cancer in Asian countries were also lower due to the habit of eating soy. The average Asian soybean consume 20-200 mg per day.

"Good habits consume more soy to your diet. So, if Japanese people living in America, for instance, he did not necessarily have a lower cancer risk. If the pattern changes when eating Japanese people living in America, he could have had cancer risks similar to those America, "explained Prof Made.

A total of 18 studies from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that healthy women who eat soy may reduce breast cancer risk by 14 percent. This risk can be minimized if parents provide complete balanced nutrition, including soy, in children at puberty.

Danger Of Drinking Hot Tea And Ice Tea For Health

Danger of drinking hot tea

Results of recent research by Iranian scientists say, drinking tea in a state still hot (more than warm) may cause Throat Cancer.

In previous studies, in the British Medical Journal suggested the potential to cause tumor hot drinks. Drinking hot tea with temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius with an increased risk of throat cancer eight times greater than you drink it in warm, which is below 65 degrees, explains researcher, told Reuters.

Together with his team, Reza Malekzadeh from Tehran University studied the drinking habits of 300 people diagnosed with throat cancer, while 571 others were in good health. They all come from the same region, in Golestan province, in northern Iran.

Malekzadeh makes this area as the study sample because of Golestan is one of the areas with the highest level of throat cancer in the world. But otherwise the level of smoking and drinking alcohol in this area is very low. To note, almost all the inhabitants drank black tea regularly, as much as one liter per day.

As a result, people who regularly drank tea less than two minutes after pouring, likely to lead to faster development of cancer compared to those who wait four minutes or more. There is no definite information on how hot the temperature of the tea that cause cancer, but researchers concluded the hurt caused by heat from the tea will cause irritation of the throat.

Compared with drinking warm or lukewarm tea in temperatures 65 degrees Celsius or less, drink hot tea, between 65 and 68 degrees Celsius, with respect to two times the risk of throat cancer, and drinking tea very hot at 70 degrees Celsius or more associated with increased eight-fold.

Impact of throat cancer is horrible. Recorded every year more than 500,000 people worldwide died from the disease. This disease thrives mainly in Asia, Africa and South America. These include deadly cancer, with an average recovery approximately 12 to 31 percent, it also takes a long time, approximately 5 years.

"The study shows a strong increase in risk of OSCC associated with drinking tea hot or very hot,". They recommend that people should wait a few minutes before drinking one glass of freshly brewed tea with boiling water.

The report also gave support to the opinion that the injury because of the heat shock may be a cause of cancer "epithelium", despite how hot enhance tumor development is unknown.

From these studies it can be concluded that consuming hot beverages in keaadaan hazardous to your health. Moreover, coupled with a hot meal as well, such as meatballs, etc.. Better to drink tea or other beverages in a warm state.

Dangers of Drinking Iced Tea For Kidney Health

Who among the visitors who do not like people who drink this one? Well, Iced Tea seems so easy we find a place where we eat, from street stalls to restaurants mewahpun all provide Ice Tea as a drink menu. Iced Tea with its distinctive smell and taste are ingrained in our society, even though packaged in any form, the tea remains tea, and if given the ice, kesegaranlah we get, especially in this fasting month, the menu besarpun opener before the meal is often preceded by drinking ice tea.

But you know, behind the ecstasy, ice tea holds the potential harm to health. Research Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine revealed that iced tea consumption in excess increases the risk of kidney stones.

As quoted from page Times of India, iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate, one of the key chemicals that trigger the formation of kidney stones. "For those who have a tendency to kidney stones pain, iced tea drinks obviously be the worst," said Dr. John Milner, an assistant professor of the Department of Urology, who joined in the research.

Milner said the hot tea was also stores the same ill effects. Only, the dose presentation of hot tea usually smaller. Logically, people drink hot tea would not be as much as drinking iced tea. Rarely people who eat hot tea when thirsty. Unlike iced tea, in which many people could drink more than a glass when thirsty and hot air.

Men, women posmenopause with low estrogen levels, and women who had undergone surgical removal of the ovaries are exposed to the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of ice tea. Therefore, Milner suggests, changing beverage consumption with water, or mix it with lemon. "Lemon citrates rich content, which can inhibit the growth of kidney stones," Milner said.

Kidney stones are small crystals that form from minerals and salts that are commonly found in urine, kidney or urinary tract. Disused mineral that generally get out of the body with urine, but under certain conditions can precipitate and petrified in the urinary tract.

Researchers also uncovered a number of other foods that potentially save ill effects. They call such as: spinach, chocolate, nuts, salt, and meat. Instead, the consumption of iced tea and foods that are moderate for kidney health. Combine well with foods high in calcium can reduce oxalate. And, of course multiply the drinking water.