Friday, April 29, 2011

Raised body with soy milk

GENERALLY some people crave the high and slender body. The ways with expensive cost was willing to be taken to make it happen. Though there are other steps that are easier, practical and more affordable cost.

Consumption of soy one of them. Types of nuts on this one too cheaply than rich benefits. Soy has a lot of vegetable protein containing 22 amino acids for the prevention of various diseases. Because less fat, soy is very good and encouraged to diet.

Plain soy milk and was processed into tasty when consumed. That's where one of the peculiar. In addition to healthy, functioning soy milk add height and decreased fat in the body.

Soybeans are low in fat, high protein, good for building body muscle. Soybean strengthen bones because it contains vitamin D and calcium. In addition, the soybean is processed into milk contains isoflavones similar to the hormone estrogen.

Isoflavones in soy geinistein form and function as anti-breast cancer and prevent diabetes and strengthen bone matrix.

Protein in soy can stimulate the pituitary to secrete kelnjar HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Many consider that a person's height growth stops at age 17-18. Not stopped, but the pituitary gland to reduce secretion of HGH up to 50%. So if there is a business, the body can still grow tall even if not as the age below 17 years.

Not enough just to eat processed soybeans, in order to obtain maximum results, should be supported also with regular exercise.

Soy milk is actually not inferior to cow's milk. Although calcium soy milk is not as much as cow's milk, the protein was almost the same quality. Eating soy is processed into milk as much as two cups a day, was sufficient for body proteins. Comparison of protein and fat in soybeans is 2.8 g: 1.5 g.

Please note, only soy milk can last longer if stored in a refrigerator. Soybeans contain a small amount compared to other foods similar methione. Methione is a kind of amino acids that can cause loss of calcium in the body.

However, soy milk consumed their recommended diet. Soy is very low in fat, unlike high-fat cow's milk.


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