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Danger Of Drinking Hot Tea And Ice Tea For Health

Danger of drinking hot tea

Results of recent research by Iranian scientists say, drinking tea in a state still hot (more than warm) may cause Throat Cancer.

In previous studies, in the British Medical Journal suggested the potential to cause tumor hot drinks. Drinking hot tea with temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius with an increased risk of throat cancer eight times greater than you drink it in warm, which is below 65 degrees, explains researcher, told Reuters.

Together with his team, Reza Malekzadeh from Tehran University studied the drinking habits of 300 people diagnosed with throat cancer, while 571 others were in good health. They all come from the same region, in Golestan province, in northern Iran.

Malekzadeh makes this area as the study sample because of Golestan is one of the areas with the highest level of throat cancer in the world. But otherwise the level of smoking and drinking alcohol in this area is very low. To note, almost all the inhabitants drank black tea regularly, as much as one liter per day.

As a result, people who regularly drank tea less than two minutes after pouring, likely to lead to faster development of cancer compared to those who wait four minutes or more. There is no definite information on how hot the temperature of the tea that cause cancer, but researchers concluded the hurt caused by heat from the tea will cause irritation of the throat.

Compared with drinking warm or lukewarm tea in temperatures 65 degrees Celsius or less, drink hot tea, between 65 and 68 degrees Celsius, with respect to two times the risk of throat cancer, and drinking tea very hot at 70 degrees Celsius or more associated with increased eight-fold.

Impact of throat cancer is horrible. Recorded every year more than 500,000 people worldwide died from the disease. This disease thrives mainly in Asia, Africa and South America. These include deadly cancer, with an average recovery approximately 12 to 31 percent, it also takes a long time, approximately 5 years.

"The study shows a strong increase in risk of OSCC associated with drinking tea hot or very hot,". They recommend that people should wait a few minutes before drinking one glass of freshly brewed tea with boiling water.

The report also gave support to the opinion that the injury because of the heat shock may be a cause of cancer "epithelium", despite how hot enhance tumor development is unknown.

From these studies it can be concluded that consuming hot beverages in keaadaan hazardous to your health. Moreover, coupled with a hot meal as well, such as meatballs, etc.. Better to drink tea or other beverages in a warm state.

Dangers of Drinking Iced Tea For Kidney Health

Who among the visitors who do not like people who drink this one? Well, Iced Tea seems so easy we find a place where we eat, from street stalls to restaurants mewahpun all provide Ice Tea as a drink menu. Iced Tea with its distinctive smell and taste are ingrained in our society, even though packaged in any form, the tea remains tea, and if given the ice, kesegaranlah we get, especially in this fasting month, the menu besarpun opener before the meal is often preceded by drinking ice tea.

But you know, behind the ecstasy, ice tea holds the potential harm to health. Research Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine revealed that iced tea consumption in excess increases the risk of kidney stones.

As quoted from page Times of India, iced tea contains high concentrations of oxalate, one of the key chemicals that trigger the formation of kidney stones. "For those who have a tendency to kidney stones pain, iced tea drinks obviously be the worst," said Dr. John Milner, an assistant professor of the Department of Urology, who joined in the research.

Milner said the hot tea was also stores the same ill effects. Only, the dose presentation of hot tea usually smaller. Logically, people drink hot tea would not be as much as drinking iced tea. Rarely people who eat hot tea when thirsty. Unlike iced tea, in which many people could drink more than a glass when thirsty and hot air.

Men, women posmenopause with low estrogen levels, and women who had undergone surgical removal of the ovaries are exposed to the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of ice tea. Therefore, Milner suggests, changing beverage consumption with water, or mix it with lemon. "Lemon citrates rich content, which can inhibit the growth of kidney stones," Milner said.

Kidney stones are small crystals that form from minerals and salts that are commonly found in urine, kidney or urinary tract. Disused mineral that generally get out of the body with urine, but under certain conditions can precipitate and petrified in the urinary tract.

Researchers also uncovered a number of other foods that potentially save ill effects. They call such as: spinach, chocolate, nuts, salt, and meat. Instead, the consumption of iced tea and foods that are moderate for kidney health. Combine well with foods high in calcium can reduce oxalate. And, of course multiply the drinking water.

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